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Terms and conditions

We have not drawn-up actual terms and conditions concerning legal advising, nevertheless we need to make a statement concerning our fee policy.

Basically, our fee is fixed on the basis of below-mentioned conditions:

  1. time spent, 
  2. the extent of the case,
  3. the liability connected with the case,
  4. degree of specialized knowledge necessary for the settlement of the case,
  5. reached result and the significance of the case for the client

These parameters are in accordance with the Administration of Justice Act, § 126 and forms the basis in connection with our settling of accounts. We always forward a letter of acknowledgement to private clients when we know the extent of the case. On demand our business clients can at any time receive a letter of acknowledgement.

In less complicated cases it is by and large possible to make an immediate estimate. In major and more complicated cases, where - to begin with - it is difficult to assess the extent of legal advise needed, we make an estimate and in accordance with an agreement we currently adjust this if the development of the case gives reason for this.

In cases of long duration we settle on account either on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Our terms of payment:

Net cash if nothing else has been agreed upon. We charge interest on overdue payments  equivalent to the official interest rates of Denmark's National Bank + 7 %.